Air Jordans Sneakers

August 19, 2017

Air jordans sneakers

Two teens are behind bars accused of holding up a 14-year-old boy over a pair of Air Jordan sneakers.

Clayton County police say the pair pulled a gun on the younger teen and forced him to hand over the pricey shows.

Officers say the suspects admitted they were driving by the corner of Scarlett and Lakeshore Drives in Jonesboro when they saw his $200 shoes and decided to take them.

The boy had just gotten off a school bus and was walking home when police say Davon Luckett, 17, drove up.

"He saw the shoes, he wanted the shoes, he took the shoes, ” said Clayton County police Lt. Frank Thomas.

Thomas says the victim loosened the laces and handed them over because he saw Luckett had a gun. Turns out it was the same gun that Reed Williams, 19, flashed in front of the teen just minutes before when Williams was eyeballing the shoes.

"He shows it to the young man and says to him, 'I'd rob you but you know my baby's momma, ’” Thomas said.

Detectives say it turns out Luckett and Williams were working together.

A similar crime happened on Aug. 14 in the parking lot of a Henry County Huddle House restaurant. A 15-year-old boy was beaten by a gang of thieves who stole his sneakers.

In the Clayton case, police say the suspects bragged about the robbery on social media.

Detectives say Luckett posted a photo of himself wearing one of the shoes, but that’s not all.

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