Air Jordan Shoes History

May 14, 2015

Air Jordan Brand History

After all of the success of the Jordan I, Nike did a complete 180 with the design of the . Once again Peter Moore was behind the design board and he broke every rule. The shoe was the first Nike shoe to not feature Swoosh branding anywhere on the sneaker. It was a risky move, but it ushered in an era where design, not a logo, was most important. The Jordan II was the only pair of Jordans to be made in Italy, and thanks to the faux-lizard skin on the upper and design inspiration from a women's boot (an inspiration that would pop up again with the Air Jordan XII) they brought a new level of luxury to sports product as well as pop culture warranting the $100 price tag. If these were a true retro today you could expect them to go for well over three bills.

The Jordan II originally only dropped in two colorways as well as a low-top version during it's first run, again completely opposite of the Jordan I that released in a countless number of color combinations. The shoe was a staple on shows like proving it was just as coveted for off-the-court fashion as on-the-court performance. Shortly after Carmelo Anthony penned to Jordan Brand in 2003, JB cooked-up a special player edition in the Nuggets' blue and gold colorway for the young star, helping the Jordan II legacy carry on,

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