Air Jordan Retro Cards

March 19, 2014

Air Jordan Retro Cards

Jordan Retro Card

Air Jordan(s), or simply Jordans are a brand of shoes and athletic apparel produced by Nike originally designed for and endorsed by professional NBA basketball player Michael Jordan. The Air Jordan line is now sold by Jordan Brand, Since its first release in 1985, there have been new designs of the shoe released each year, even after Michael Jordan retired from the NBA.
Collectors classify the Air Jordan line by release year and model: Originals (OG), Retros (shoes that have been recreated for sale to the general public), Retro-pluses (Retro +, Air Jordans that are similar to the Original product, with more up-to-date changes), Player Exclusive (PE, Air Jordans that are exclusive to certain athletes in the realm of sports) and Samples. The Jordan Brand also produces a line of Team shoes, separate from the signature line of Ai.

Retro Card Listing

Air Jordan 1 (I)
Air Jordan 2 (II)
Air Jordan 3 (III)
Air Jordan 4 (IV)
Air Jordan 5 (V)
Air Jordan 6 (VI)
Air Jordan 7 (VII)
Air Jordan 8 (VIII)

Air Jordan 9 (IX)
Air Jordan 10 (X)
Air Jordan 11 (XI)
Air Jordan 12 (XII)
Air Jordan 13 (XIII)
Air Jordan 14 (XIV)
Air Jordan 15 (XV)

Air Jordan I retro card
Designed by a boy from New Jersey when he tried to make his own basketball shoes. Soon he sent them to Nike and they loved the shoes. Nike released the sneakers in 1985, the Air Jordan I pair of sneakers was considered a breakthrough in basketball shoe design, [1] although its design was improved upon later with the Nike Dunk. The shoe initially gained a great deal of publicity and interest because its vibrant black and red color violated the league's uniform rules and when Michael was fined five thousand dollars every time he wore the shoes during a game. Nonetheless, other companies scrambled to emulate the design and introducing knock-off brands of the Air Jordan line. In 1994 the Air Jordan 1 was re-released with dismal success. The retro Jordan 1s were released in 2009.

Air Jordan 3 retro "Sport Blue" On Feet + Giveaway ??
Air Jordan 3 retro "Sport Blue" On Feet + Giveaway ??
Air Jordan 11 Retro Low Concord
Air Jordan 11 Retro Low Concord
Air Jordan Retro 3 White Flip 2007 Review w Retro Card
Air Jordan Retro 3 White Flip 2007 Review w Retro Card

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