Air Jordan Turf Shoes

June 19, 2016

Nike Zoom Air Jordan Turf

Performance starts from the ground up: Choose baseball turf shoes designed for optimal comfort and support.

What are turf shoes? Turf shoes are baseball training shoes that provide comfort and stability on the diamond. They are for casual on-field wear and provide ankle support plus extra traction. Baseball turf shoes come in low-and mid-top styles.

Make the most out of spring training with baseball shoes from some of the top brands in the sport, like 3N2®, Nike®, Mizuno® and adidas®. Prep for the season with shoes that deliver an unbeatable lock-down fit and lightweight comfort.

Your turf shoe should provide lightweight performance and comfort for training. Look for a shoe built for cushioning and stability, with a full-length phylon or EVA midsole for shock absorption and comfort. A flexible outsole allows for natural movement, while a traction-ready pattern lets you train at your hardest.

Shoes crafted for a streamlined fit feel feather-light on the diamond. A durable full-grain leather outsole ensures your shoe lasts all season long, while details like a mesh tongue or perforated panel keeps your shoe feeling breathable. For extra protection and abrasion-resistance, choose a shoe with a reinforced toe area.

From the dugout to the training field, you'll be ready to perform at your best with the right baseball footwear. Select between low-top or mid-top footwear for the level of ankle support you need. Move easy with shoes designed for both traction and an airy, breathable feel. Shop turf shoes in sleek and sporty blacks and greys or vibrant hues and crisp team colors.

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