Customize Your Own Air Jordan Shoes

June 8, 2017

Step 4: Once you have

The Complete Guide to Customizing Jordan ShoesMichael Jordan produced a brand of shoes and athletic clothing for Nike's Air Jordan subsidiary. He was the designer, owner, and producer of the brand. Nike first released Air Jordan shoes in 1985, and then released new designs each year after that. Fans of these shoes follow each design and they are very passionate about custom Jordan shoes. Air Jordan fans worldwide customize their shoes to own a pair that is unique. They find limitless opportunities with large number of shoes for the base and countless color options. They should have the knowledge of steps to customize their Jordan shoes themselves, and the information about the history of these shoes to make the collection even more interesting.

Steps to Customize Jordan Shoes

Many fans with some creativity, art skills, and a passion for Jordan shoes decide to customize their pairs at home to suit their tastes and preferences. They should follow these steps.

Collect the Materials

Jordan shoe enthusiasts require all the correct material to perform a flawless custom job. Most buyers prefer Angelus leather paint to paint on leather shoes. The other essentials materials include acetone, cotton balls, rubber gloves, a non-plastic glass, liner paintbrushes, an airbrush, medium, masking tape, an X-acto knife, a hair dryer, and a matte finisher.

Prep the Shoes

Buyers should properly prep the shoes before they apply any paint to the surface. Put on the gloves and soak some cotton balls with acetone. During the prep process, users should remove the factory coating from the shoes so that paint easily bonds with the leather. Use the cotton balls to strip off this coating. Use any many cotton balls as required till the complete layer comes off. This process takes time and is very important.

Mask Required Areas

Finalize the design and mask the shoes as per the design. Buyers use masking tape to cover any areas that require no paint. Use a knife and cut along the edges to get neat lines.

Mix Colors

Mix the colors outside the color bottle. This protects the entire bottle from any unwanted mixes and colors.


Paint in thin and light layers so that there are no visible streaks. Apply as many coats as required for colors that are not dark or opaque. Apply the second coat only after the first layer is dry. Some buyers use a hair dryer to increase their speed.

Explore Design Options

Some designers choose to engrave on the shoes. Use a woodburning pen or a soldering iron for this purpose. Many people also like to add fabric or denim to the shoes. Mask that area with a masking tape and use an x-acto knife to make it precise. Trace out the fabric and cut it accurately. Next, glue it on the shoes with fabric glue. Add lettering to the shoes with the help of vinyl letter stickers. Apply the base color of the lettering on the shoes and lay down the stickers on this base coat. Next, add the second color directly on the sticker and remove carefully. Follow the same steps to print patterns such as elephants or safaris.


Users should pay special attention to finishing to get the most out of the time they invest. Use a hair dryer to dry out all the paint. Next use a matte finisher of any available brand to remove gloss of the paint. This matte finish makes the shoes look more professional.

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