History Of Air Jordans Shoes

April 10, 2016

History of air jordans shoes

Nike Air Jordan 21Air Jordan History

Nike signed a deal with Michael Jeffrey Jordan in 1984, introducing the basketball shoe known today as the "Air Jordan". Mike changed the game with the release of the Air Jordans because there was no other shoe like it.

He also plays a major role in Nike’s success, and he’s the reason Nike is #1 today. MJ has made Nike millions and millions of dollars and they are still making money off him today. His popular slam dunk pose is where the idea for the jumpman logo came from. You can find the jumpman logo on almost every pair of Jordans.

He is known as the "greatest player of all time", and I think it’s safe to say people feel the same way about his shoes. Almost everyone owns or owned a pair of Air Jordans, and this is the most popular basketball shoe in the world.

If someone was to say they’ve never heard of Air Jordans, they would literally have to be from another planet. Even the newer generation wears or collects Air Jordans and this just proves how important his shoes are. He has retired from the NBA, but his shoes will always play a major role in the "Shoe Game".

  • Here’s a little information on Michael Jordan
  • High School: Laney High in Wilmington, NC
  • College: UNC
  • Drafted by: Chicago Bulls in 1984
  • Height: 6-6
  • Weight: 216 lbs
  • Shoe size: 13.5
  1. Awards: Rookie of the Year, Six NBA championship rings, Five time NBA MVP, 14 time All Star, All Star MVP, two time Olympic gold medalist, and more!
  2. Full Stats: G (1, 072), FG% (.497), 3PFG% (.327), FT% (.835), Rebs (6, 672), RPG (6.2), Asts (5, 633), APG (5.3), Stls (2, 514), Blks (893), Pts (32, 292), PPG (30.1)
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