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July 27, 2016

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This isn’t just a Jordan rule, pretty much any NBA owner could pull off something similar (at least Ballmer didn’t offer a Microsoft endorsement). The rule is there for a reason.

The Jordan brand is well managed and not hurting in the least. It still has deals with Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Carmelo Anthony and nearly two dozen more current and former NBA players. There are Hornets — Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Cody Zeller — on that list.

It’s easy to understand the NBA’s concern — if Jordan could say “I’ll pay you a couple hundred thousand extra to wear my shoes” it would be an unfair recruiting advantage. So they are trying to tie his hands.

So, Clippers coach Doc Rivers used it as an opportunity to attempt to tweak his – the Warriors.

Rivers begins to address the issue 2:28 into this video of his postgame press conference:

  • Reporter: “I realize that you guys won the game, but the second time this year you had somebody ejected for two technical fouls. Do you feel like you guys need to do a better job of just kind of keeping it in when they get frustrated?”
  • Rivers: “I don’t know, man. I mean, who leads the league in techs?”
  • Reporter: “You guys.”
  • Rivers: “No, as a team.”
  • Rivers: “You sure? You should check that.”
  • Reporter: “I believe so.”
  • Rivers: “You should check that.”
  • Reporter: “Who do you think it is?”
  • Rivers: “I think it’s Golden State.”
  • Reporter: “You’re second?”
  • Rivers: “I could be wrong, but I know they’re up there. Don’t you guys have internet in this room? My goodness. Or is it called internet? I don’t even if it’s called internet. Is that what it’s called, Wi-Fi?

One of Rivers’ suspicions was correct: He’s wrong about this.

He are the technical-foul rankings by team:

  • 1. LAC, 18
  • 2. HOU, 16
  • 3. NOP, 14
  • 4. DET, 13
  • 5. IND, 11
  • 5. SAC, 11
  • 7. BOS, 10
  • 7. GSW, 10
  • 7. NYK, 10
  • 7. PHO, 10
  • 11. DEN, 9
  • 11. OKC, 9
  • 11. ORL, 9
  • 11. TOR, 9
  • 15. MEM, 8
  • 15. MIN, 8
  • 15. POR, 8
  • 18. ATL, 7
  • 18. MIL, 7
  • 20. BRK, 6
  • 20. CLE, 6
  • 22. DAL, 5
  • 22. MIA, 5
  • 22. SAS, 5
  • 22. UTA, 5
  • 26. CHA, 4
  • 26. LAL, 4
  • 26. PHI, 4
  • 29. WAS, 3
  • 30. CHI, 2

Rivers once took pride in how much Draymond Green was thinking about the Clippers. What would that Rivers think of him strangely bringing up the Warriors, who don’t even crack the top five of techs?

OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr is feeling better as he deals with complications from back surgery, and hopes to be back on the bench in the coming weeks.

Kerr attended practice Monday and Tuesday and was at the team’s shootaround Wednesday ahead of Golden State’s home game against Phoenix.

He says: “What I’ve learned is that I miss it. I’m still hoping in the next two to three weeks to be back on the bench.”

Golden State has given no formal timeline for the coach’s return, reiterating Kerr will tell the team when he is ready.

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