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March 17, 2016

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If you're in the market for a pair of "White" Supreme x Jordan Vs, be sure to take precaution as there's already a ridiculous amount of fakes floating around for this collaboration. In order to ensure that you don't get got with fugazis, @fake_education has once again broken down the differences between counterfeit and authentic pairs. Pay close attention to these details because each of them are going to be crucial when it comes to spotting fakes.

Right off the bat, the "Sup" print beneath the translucent netting should be a focus. On the real pair, plastic netting has a cloudy, milky look to it, while the fakes are more of a crystal clear. As noted by @fake_education, this affects the appearance of the "Sup" branding, which is actually more visible on the fakes and appears duller on the authentic version.

Another detail you should be paying attention to is the plastic lace lock. This time around, the real pair should have a clearer, more transparent lace lock, while the fakes are the ones that are more translucent, or milky. Meanwhile, the "Supreme" font on the red insert piece is much bolder on the fake than the authentic. It's also worth mentioning that the placement of the Jumpman appears to be different on both lace locks.

Behind the tongue, the co-branded rectangular labels should be stitched and cut cleanly with little variance between the two. Take notice of the fake pair's inconsistencies which are not present on the real version. Furthermore, the spacing between the two labels is too large on the fakes.

One of the most glaring differences appears on the translucent rubber outsole. The fakes have more of a clear look to them, while the Supreme Box Logo branding appears too large and in an incorrect font. The logo itself is also too close to the left leg of the Jumpman.

The Jumpman stitching on the tongue is a lot cleaner and consistent on the authentic pair, while the unauthorized version is much fuzzier and uneven.

At the midsole, the Air Jordan V's iconic shark teeth should appear thick and pronounced, something that can be easily compared with other Jordan Vs. On the fake version, they're much skinnier and "sharper."

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