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October 21, 2016

Air jordans 1992

The Bred colorway has been released many times for a reason–it is a beautiful, popular colorway that will always be in demand. Frequent releases will keep it off of any sort of ultra-exclusive lists, but we’re not docking points for it always being in demand.

Any fan of MJ’s can tell you that Breds will always be associated with the most dominant stretch of Jordan’s career and the 72-10 “Unstoppabulls.” His Airness closed out the greatest team season in modern history in the Bred colorway, wearing these all throughout the 1996 Playoff run. (He did wear the black/red low-top pair as well.) For most of us, it’s the closest we’ll ever get to touching MJ’s greatness.

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1. Space Jam

Nearly every Jordan shoe had its moment in the sun, but the release of the Space Jam colorway quite literally changed the sneaker game. Made famous by the movie of the same name, the Space Jams were in high demand leading up to their release, with sneakerheads desperate to get their pair.

With the first drop day set on a Wednesday in 2000, the original Space Jam sneaker release had people skipping school and calling in sick to work for a chance to buy them. Thanks to the hysteria caused by the release, Jordan Brand was compelled to move all future retro releases to Saturdays, a tradition which has become a fixture for all sneaker releases.

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The Air Jordan XI is considered an iconic shoe for many reasons. Simply being connected to Michael Jordan’s iconic legacy is enough to get the hypebeasts fired up about any shoe, but the XI in particular holds a special place in the hearts of the sneaker community.

MJ’s 11th release in his signature line was so huge that it transcended the on-court stuff altogether–at least the real on-court stuff. Made famous thanks to an appearance on his feet in the movie Space Jam, the XI’s crossover appeal is undeniable when you think of how many moviegoers watched him soar in the shoe, even if they didn’t follow his professional career religiously.

It certainly helps that they were a game-changing sneaker on multiple fronts. The addition of patent leather to Jordan’s signature line helped usher in an era of bolder, more diverse design patterns; the success of the Jordan XI showed manufacturers they could incorporate contrasting materials into their new products to great success. The shoe was a performance beast on top of looking great, with the lighter material helping pros and amateur ballers soar to new heights.

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