Nike Air Jordan Tennis Shoes

April 8, 2015

Nike air jordan tennis shoes

How to Care for Your Nike Air Jordan Athletic ShoesSince people wear them to play sports, athletic shoes naturally get worn and dirty. However, when you are sporting a pair of Nike Air Jordans, you want your investment to last a little longer. Part fashion statement, part basketball shoes, Nike Air Jordan shoes are favorites on and off the court. Caring for your Nike Air Jordan athletic shoes is quite easy. You just need some patience and a little time. If you wear them properly, use a protective spray, clean them, and store them in the right place, your Air Jordans are sure to last for a long time.

Wear and Use Your Nike Air Jordan Athletic Shoes Properly

All athletic shoes eventually show wear and tear; however, by wearing and using them properly, you can extend their lifespan. First, you must put them on and take them off with care. When you are in a hurry, it is tempting to just jam your feet in or pull off the shoes without unlacing them; however, this stretches the shoes and the laces. Instead, sit down on a chair or bench and put the shoes on properly, sliding your feet into the unlaced shoe and then lacing it up. When you are done, untie the shoes until they feel loose, and then slide your foot out.

Some people like to wear Air Jordans for basketball, running, and other activities, while others prefer to wear them as a fashion statement. Either way is fine, but try to keep it to a single activity. If you plan to use your shoes for exercising, then use that pair for that purpose only. Some people also rotate their shoes, buying two identical or similar pairs of exercise shoes to wear alternately.

Use a Protective Spray or Solution

A protective treatment is a great way to protect your shoes if you plan to use them outside. Spray some fabric protector on the shoes to create an extra layer that repels water and stains. Many enthusiasts swear by car upholstery protectants. Some Air Jordans haveleather parts, so you should use leather protectants on those areas. Certain car upholstery sprays make cleaners and UV protectants. The latter is especially helpful if you use your shoes outdoors during the day.

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